PART A: Hudson Epoxy Sealer 7200

PART B: Hudson Catalyst For Epoxy Sealer 7201

RATIO: 7 parts of part A : 1 part B

TYPE AND USE: Hudson Epoxy Penetrating Sealer is a two-component, solvent-based type of sealer that is used on concrete floors. It is designed to be used as a sealer for Solvent-free Epoxy Flooring Midcoat, Self-leveling Topcoat, and sealer for Polyurethane Floor-Kote. Its purpose is to provide excellent sealing and adhesion on concrete floors. Additionally, it can be used as a sealer for highly porous concrete before applying an epoxy primer.

SURFACE PREPARATION: 1. For optimum adhesion on concrete, use mechanical grinding, or dry blast cleaning. 2. If this is not possible to achieve the desired porosity, use acid and basic approach, (10 % HCL and 10 % Sodium carbonate solution, then wash with water). 3. If substrate is dirty or polluted with grease and oil, wash with appropriate detergent. 4. After any pretreatment, surfaces must be washed & clean, dry and dust free. 5. Standard curing condition: 50 % relative humidity and temperature @ 25ºC.


 1st coat : Hudson Epoxy Sealer 1. Add Part B to Part A and mix thoroughly. 2. No need to dilute with solvent to reduce the viscosity. Ready to apply. 3. Mix only enough paint for 8 hours application. Excess mixture will gel within 24 hours. The amount of sealer to be used will depend upon the porosity of the concrete.

PRIMER: Epoxy Primer

 TOPCOAT: as require



By spray or fine brush/roller.


Not Applicable. Reduced already


Allow overnight before re-coat.


8 hours.


Toxic and flammable. Keep away from fire and reach of children