Hudson Rust Converter #5015 is an acid-solvent type of metal cleaner and rust remover. It removes rust and light deposits of mill oil and destroys corrosion stimulators. They will properly condition metal surfaces for painting.
All rusty metal surfaces before painting with any kind of coating materials.
For cleaning by immersion, 1 part of Rust Converter to 3 parts of water is recommended, depending upon the type of metal being processed and the amount of rusts to be removed. For removal of very heavy rust or scales, the concentration should be employed. Rust converter is normally used at room temperature; however, its action can be accelerated by raising the temperature up to a maximum of 160 degrees Fahrenheit if adequate ventilation is employed. At elevated temperatures, the solution is not as long lasting as at room temperature. Upon withdrawal of metal to be clean from the solution, the object should and must be rinsed thoroughly in clean running water. Wet sand with turpentine and wipe dry, then paint immediately.
By brush or spray, container is acid-proof plastic or rubber-lined.
25-30 square meters per 4-liter depending on surface rustiness.
1-2 hrs., dry to touch, 8 hrs. dry hard. Recoat after 8 hours.
3.785 liter, 946.25 ml and 473.12 ml.
Toxic and flammable. Keep away from fire and reach of children.