DESCRIPTION & USE: Hudson Marine Epoxy is a two component epoxy adhesive, with fast curing time and excellent cure on damp surfaces or underwater. It can also be used as a putty to patch up small holes and dents. It is resistant to water, organic solvents, diluted acid and alkali too. This can be used to bind materials such as wood, metal, ceramics and concrete.  Surfaces to be applied or bonded should be clear from dirt, dust, oil and other foreign particles. Slight sanding or abrasion on surface improves performance of the product. Prepare equal amount of Part A and Part B (1:1) in a clean container, mix well until it gives a uniform color, apply a thin even coat on both surface of the material to be joint. For easier application wait 10 minutes after mixing before applying.
POT LIFE: 45 Min - Allowable time for material to be workable.